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Galactic Republic: [Forceful] Guild
Sith Empire: [Enforced] Guild

Stick a fork in it.  I've removed all members, including myself, from this guild web site.  The guild founder has no intention of returning to the game; either do I.

Santiago (Séamus) Strategos - Monday, 17 March 2014

Welcome to the [Forceful] guild web site!

[Forceful] is a guild aligned with the Galactic Republic on the Shadowlands server.  It was formed in December of 2011 on the Mind Trick server with the notion of providing a laid-back, player-focused guild that encourages enjoyment of the game and the company fellow players over end-game achievements.  That goal is one we still persue to this day.

If you're looking for a casual, helpful guild of friendly adult players, [Forceful] is for you. Players who are new to the game, returning after a lengthy absence, or just need a break and a place to relax in the game with an alternate character, are welcome. We are primarily focused on player development in player-versus-environment questing, with flashpoints conquered as the desire arises.

The guild currently maintains a small online presence in the game. After two server mergers and the release of competing games, guild leadership is focused on rebuilding membership to a point where members feels as if they are members of a community in the guild. If this sounds like the place for you, feel free to drop a line in the public forums or seek a member online. We'd love to hear from you!

We also keep a small guild on the Sith Empire side.  Under the banner of [Enforced], the guild is comprised primarily of alternative characters.  Those seeking membership to this guild should contact a member of [Forceful].

Please see the note the perspective members in the forums before considering an application.

Major Séamas Strategos

Human Vanguard Trooper (Shield Specialist)
Commanding Officer, Havoc Squad
Guild Leader, [Forceful]

Darth Crayola Strategos
Sith Pureblood Sorceror/Inquisitor (Darkness)
Guild Leader, [Enforced]

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